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Goline Corporation là công ty chuyên cung giải pháp phần mềm tài chính, chứng khoán cho thị trường chứng khoán Việt Nam và khu vực. Với đội ngũ chuyên môn nhiều kinh nghiệm, đầy đam mê nhiệt huyết, Goline đã và đang mang lại những sản phẩm chất lượng cao cho khách hàng, là một trong những giải pháp phổ biến trên thị trường hiện nay.

Goline Corporation is a company specializing in providing financial and securities software solutions for the Vietnamese stock market. With a team of experienced professionals, full of passion and enthusiasm, Goline has been bringing high quality products to customers, which is one of the popular solutions on the market today.

Goline Corporation はベトナム国内および国外向け証券・金融システムのソリューションを提案し、証券・金融システムを開発及び提供しています。熱意に満ちて、長期間の経験がある専門家集団であるGolineは、現在、顧客に品質の高いソリューションを提供しており、市場では高い評価をいただいております。

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Algo Trading System

Algo Trading system is a software management and trading system designed for institutions. It allows for large order placement and supports various types of orders:

POV (Percentage of Volume) Order:

  • POV is a trading strategy where a certain percentage of the account volume is traded. It involves making frequent trades with small volumes, which responds well to sudden changes in trading volume.
  • Whenever a market signal is received, if the market price meets the required limit, the system automatically splits the order to ensure:
  • The executed order volume as a percentage of the market’s matched volume.
  • The pending order volume as a percentage of the pending volume at each price level (the best 3 price levels) in the market.

Pro Data/Pro Rated Order:

  • Pro Data/Pro Rated orders follow the POV order strategy within a group of orders.
  • The percentage to execute will be allocated to each order in the group based on the volume proportion of each order.

Hunt Order (Minimum Fill by Volume or Value):

  • The Hunt order is executed using the POV order strategy when the minimum volume condition is met.
  • The Hunt order activates when the total pending volume (bid/ask) meets (exceeds or equals) the required minimum volume threshold.

ICE Order:

  • An ICE order operates by consistently placing a limit order at a specified price level with a fixed volume (ICE volume).
  • Upon complete or partial fulfillment, the system automatically replenishes the pending volume to maintain a consistent ICE volume presence in the market.

TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) Order:

  • A TWAP order executes transactions evenly over equal time intervals.
  • It activates when the market price meets the specified limit price conditions.
  • The required volume is evenly distributed (requested volume) over equal time intervals (time slices).

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