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Goline Trading Pro is a new generation investor desktop that has served smart investors in Viet Nam for over 4 years. Goline Trading Pro is built using state of the art next generation technology. It comes with a crispier look and feel that has enhanced user friendliness while improving data coverage and performance to investors.

Goline Trading Pro includes all the features of a standard Trading Application, functionality and content that makes it a superior choice as an investment tool. Goline Trading Pro comes bundled with Market Overview, Description pages, Easy Navigator and Customizable Workspaces that enhance the user experience of investor community closer to regional and global competitive edge.


  • Easy installation from the web and the auto update facility.
  • Real time market data, news, charts and corporate actions.
  • Supports Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.
  • Coverage of multiple asset classes including equity, ETFs, funds and derivative, commodities, fixed income & Forex in the furture.
  • Macroeconomic data, company financial statements, ratios, insider trades.
  • Advanced analytical tools for different asset classes.
  • Easy to use, user defined workspaces with access from any computer.
  • Personalized Watch Lists and Conditional Watch Lists.
  • Advanced charting including over 100 built technical indicators and large number of pre-defined strategies and patterns
  • Built in easy language to build indicators, strategies and patterns.