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GLMS is a high efficiency and user friendly application to manage the customer’s information and route schedule for laundry collection and delivery. The system keep track customer history transaction, allow custom pricing control for difference range of customers, handling order quickly and efficiently in order to increase business productivity, operation systematic, competitive, maintenance customers loyalty and understanding the trend of business.

People would like to have good quality services such as on-time schedule, helpful information, etc, but running manual system is definitely time-consume and it will probably create lots of human mistaken. A complete set of solution is a must in today business trend in order to satisfy customers need.

With GLMS, user can easily create order with using price rule control, task route auto schedule, tracking cleaning progress, call confirmation, as well as the account receivable. No order will be missing or omitted in the operation, and every single step is traceable and monitorable.

With Instantaneously Orders process, GLMS promise timely delivery, respond to customer preferences, eliminate mistakes and it will no doubt to increase your quality of service.


  • Maintenance Customer Information
  • Keep Track Transaction History
  • Systematic & Functionality
  • Understanding Business Trend
  • Auto Task Schedule
  • Custom Pricing Control